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Hello Everyone,

I want to create an access token that is valid for a long time (for server-to-server API requests). I created a service account integration in the I/O Console following the documentation. After I generated the JWT, how can I set up the expiration date of the access token I create out of it?

“The expiration parameter is a required parameter measuring the absolute time since 01/01/1970 GMT. You must ensure that the expiration time is later than the time of issue. After this time, the JWT is no longer valid. At maximum, the expiration period can be set up to 24 hours from time of issue. Note: This is an expiration time for the JWT token and not the access token. Access token expiration is set to 24 hours by default.“

Is there a parameter I can include in the POST request to https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/ims/exchange/jwt in order to set up the expiration date of the access token?

Thank you!

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