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Hi all,

I'm having an strange issue with the LiveCopy sync configuration node.

Basically we have a master site (Blueprint) and then we have severals live copies. We also have several custom rollout configurations with their live actions. These rollout configs are configured on the pages under the master site and then are inherited on the live copies.

The synchronization and rollouts config are working fine.

But we are having a strange issue when an author save some changes on the page property in a live copy. For example the author change the page title.

When the change is saved a new cq:LiveSyncConfig node is created with the default rollout config (standard rollout config) and we lost all the custom rollouts configuration.

I can avoid that issue if i manually remove the Live Copy section into the Page Properties Form that is submitted via POST request to save the changes.

I also analysed the com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.postprocessing.ConfigPostProcessor the method process where the live sync config is processed after evaluate "("true".equals(request.getParameter("msm:writeLiveCopyConfig")"

And there is a condition

if ((!inheritRolloutConfig) ||  (!LiveRelationshipEditingUtil.isEffective(currentRelation, deepParam, rolloutConfigs)))

and after this condition the live sync config could be created.

On the other hand, I cannot reproduce it locally. I have created a user with the same permissions and I cannot reproduce the problem. The problem exists in the production site, where the author server is accessed by domain name.

Could be a permission issue?

How could I get more information? Has something similar happened to anyone?

Thanks in advance

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