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I'm working on code to invoke AA API 2.0 requests to grab metrics for a breakdown report.  I have the code working according the the Reporting Guide, but the use of itemId is inconvenient.  I would like to breakdown by dimension value, not dimension itemId.  Is this possible?

Here is what I'm doing now:

Request report on dimension "variables/prop18", which in my case is "user".  The response has a row for each user, with itemId (AA internal identifier) and value (my user id).


Loop over each row, requesting report on dimension "variables/prop2", which in my case is "page",  filtered for a single row from the first result:

    "dimension": "variables/prop2",

    "metricContainer": {

         "metrics": [


                 "id": "metrics/pageviews",

                 "columnId": "pageviews",

                 "filters": ["f0"]



                 "id": "metrics/visits",

                 "columnId": "visits",

                 "filters": ["f0"]


         "metricFilters": [


                 "id": "f0",

                 "type": "breakdown",

                 "dimension": "variables/prop18",

                 "itemId": "83849549028"




When I get the response, each row has the itemId and value for dimension variables/prop2, plus the metrics.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there a way to setup the metricFilters based on the the value of prop18, instead of the itemId?

2. If I have to filter by itemId, is there a way to

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