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Can someone please explain the process for email addresses being added and removed to the quarantine list on the nms:address table in Campaign Classic?

I haven't been able to find definitive information within the documentation to answer a few questions:

              - How can i identify when an address is added to the list and will not be removed, a perpetual quarantining?

              - In what situations will the email address be quarantined, and then removed from the quarantine designation to try again?

              - Why does the system sometime place a new email address in a Blacklisted status instead of a Quarantine status? (Please note, we are not adding full unsubscribes to the blacklist, we are handling them in a separate fashion).

The reason this is important is as a B2B company, we are always looking to identify potential buyer changes. So if someone's email address is moved to a Quarantine status it indicates some change at that customer and we might need to send in a representative. I want to ensure that i can identify all of these situations without any false positives (an email address that when tried again is removed on its own from the quarantine list).

We did not change any of the default workflows or actions from the foundation Campaign Classic V7 set-up.

Thanks for your help!


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