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Say I click a + button to add a row to a table. How can I xfa.host.setFocus to a cell in the NEW row? The only thing I can manage to do currently is set the focus to Row 1 Cell 1. But how can I write a script for a table row that does not actually exists until the user clicks the "+" button? Currently when I add a multiple rows, the focus will be placed into row 1 every single time. I want each NEW row cell 1 to get the focus.

Header 1Header 2Header 3
Imagine a plus + button to the left of this. User clicks it. The row below me appears, with a blinking cursors ready for input. (I know its there, but pretend it does not appear until the user clicks the plus button above)
| (blinking cursor)

Windows 10, LiveCycle ES4, Version

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