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Hi All,

Recently i have faced one issue with delivery personalization and the details below:

I have created a workflow with a delivery and added personalization blocks in the delivery and ran the workflow.

To sent: 500K

Processed: 500

Success : 498

The processed target audience is very less and never seen before this much less count (0.2 %).

In audit logs, we have seen a warning as below:

" DLV-490124 The count of message prepared (500) is less than the number of messages to send (500K). Most likely there is an issue with an outer join used to load personalization information. "

Anyone faced this situation and how we have to fix it?

Why the personalization information failed for almost 99% target audience ?

The message/email preparation  will happen in the server where MTA installed? (while personalizing the message body)

Who Me Too'd this topic