Scenario :

Adaptive Form-1

Dropdown(Year - Example 2018, 2019, 2020)

Dropdown(TYPE - Example AAA, BBB, CCC)

Create button

Adaptive Form-2

Label(Display form# example AAA-2018-10000)


On click of create button in Form-1, we have to call AEM servlet(pass Year and Type values in Query Params) which in turn invokes third party endpoint and return form# based on user dropdown selection(Year and Type) in Form-1.

Once the response code is 200 from third party end point, we have to redirect to form-2 which displays form# as label.

Please note that AEM servlet will send GET/POST request to third party endpoint and get the response. We should not call the third party endpoint directly from form submission.


I tried to invoke AEM servlet using Submit To Rest Endpoint by adding servlet URL into URL for Post request field. However in logs, it is showing as Unauthorized 401 while calling AEM servlet. Please let me know how to implement this requirement.

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