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Hi guys,

I created a List by importing a Excel file. Then in my workflow, I'm using a Read List component to read that list and pass it to a Delivery. I'm trying to send a proof to a seed address (myself), but I'm getting an 'Unreachable' and a 'Error while compiling script 'content htmlContent' line 168: targetData is not defined. SCR-160012 JavaScript: error while evaluating script 'content htmlContent'.'

How can I fix this please?

Note: I'm doing it this way because the Excel file contains columns we don't have in our Schema (and it's only for this delivery) plus it contains duplicated emails that I have to send (a single user sharing the same email address but with different company names).

Note 2: I've already set up the TO so it won't 'Exclude duplicate addresses during delivery' and it will 'Keep duplicate records (same identifier)'

Thank you!

- Raúl

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