I've been trying to copy a file from outbound of FTP and copy to 'Public File Resources' in Adobe Campaign Classic. And I was able to copy the file using the following command.

var serverFileResourceLocation = "/usr/local/neolane/nl6/var/<instance_name>/<file_name.extension>";  

if (!file.copyTo(serverFileResourceLocation)) 

     logError ("File '" + + "' was not copied"); 


     logInfo('copied successfully');

The same was working in Sandbox instance. And in another instance that fails and gives the follwing error.

Error: "BAS-010015 Cannot open file '/usr/local/neolane/nl6/var/res/stage1/896058c047415b9ec73256866fa2e447.pdf' with write access (errno=2, No such file or directory)"

I've tried giving Read/Write/Delete permission to the operators for 'Public Resources folder' and still it didn't resolve the issue.

I've used the following forums for my references:

I want to Upload images to Public resources every morning. Is it possible to automate this process.

Re: Automate Report Sending

I've spent some days to resolve this and still no fruit. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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