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I have an issue with the Classication Rule Builder in which a rule that behaves correctly when tested returns values that are not correct in the report. Specifically, I’m using a the following rule:

  • Rule Type: Regular Expression
  • Matching Condition: ^(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))$
  • Set classification: utm_campaign
  • To: $1

When I test this with:


utm_campaign is blank, indicating no match. However in the report, the same tracking code matches utm_campaign with:


What is going on here?

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