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I am trying to configure saml authentication handler using - http://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/administer/security/saml-2-0-authenticationhandler.html.

I am using ssocircle IDP for my testing and configured the logout url in SAML authetication handler as


SAML autehtication is working, when I try to open the configured path, I get redirected to IDP login page and after authentication the AEM page opens fine. Problem comes when I try to logout from AEM. I expect the IDP logout page that we configured in SAML should open but actually it opens the AEM login page. Could anyone point what am I missing over here. Do we need to put something in the IDP source provider metadata to enable the logout.

In SAML config, I have enabled the "Handle Logout" config.



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