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I'm having problems with using the Adobe and Power BI desktop connector. I asked in the Power BI forums and was told that the issues are due to limitations from the Adobe API. I am hoping to get some answers to some questions or to get some work arounds for some issues.

1. Only a few of my segments appear in the navigator tool. I have created a few segments recently in Adobe and none of them are showing up to use as parameters. Currently I have to get the segment ID and then manually enter them into the advanced editor window.

2. Is there a row limit in the connector? I can only get around 200,000 rows of data without getting a "Table is blank" error.

3.  What are the best ways to filter data? I am attempting to use query folding to save load time and because of the reason above, but most filtering that I can currently do is happening after all the data is loaded into Power BI.

4. It appears that my TOP filter is always on, even if I do not apply anything with this parameter. Once I choose a dimension, only 10 values will turn up. I want all of the values for the dimension to show up.

If anybody could answer any or all of these questions, it would be much appreciated!

Who Me Too'd this topic