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Actual Question:

Many times, I receive a form from a client that can be filled out with Adobe Acrobat. Sometimes there is no field for date or some particular field was forgotten. When I try and edit the form, or add text for a date - I get the following error window: "This form cannot be edited in Adobe Acrobat DC. Please use Adobe LiveCycle Designer to edit this form." I have the Creative Cloud style Adobe suite. There is no LiveCycle Designer in that suite. Info: Designer ES4 comprehensive design tool | Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4



What exactly is going on? Am I really not able to add a string of text to a form with Acrobat Pro? - or has this document been built with a legacy product / and that is the real problem?


Any ideas or help to make Acrobat a useful tool would be wonderful, otherwise - I'll just go back to printing these forms and sending them in the mail. Thanks.

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