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I am trying to implement a custom service which programmatically creates user under a particular folder i.e /home/users/myproject/user1.


Below are the methods available


createUser(String userID, String password)

          Creates an User for the given userID / password pair; neither of the specified parameters can be null.

createUser(String userID, String password, Principal principal, String intermediatePath)

          Creates an User for the given parameters.


Second one suits my requirement but when I pass the principal of an existing group it throws an exception saying Authorizable with principal “content-authors” already exists


“org.apache.jackrabbit.api.security.user.AuthorizableExistsException: Authorizable with principal content-authors already exists.”


If I pass a nonexisting group’s principal ex: “TestPrincipal” it resolves to null and says parameter cannot be null.


Below is the code


Session session = request.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(Session.class);

              JackrabbitSession js = (JackrabbitSession) session;

              UserManager usermanager;

              try {

                      usermanager = (UserManager) js.getUserManager();

                      PrincipalManager principalMgr = js.getPrincipalManager();

                      Principal groupPrincipal = principalMgr.getPrincipal("content-authors");

                      User user= usermanager.createUser("ascdcdc", "dcdsvdfv",groupPrincipal,"/home/users/a");



Any help is appreciated.

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