So, I've created a dynamic pdf via Livecycle Designer ES 2. I have two major issues which may or may not be intertwined. The first is the security, which I've struggled with for a while. The second is with accessibility. Let me describe the security first because I think that is easier to describe.


In Livecycle, I go to form properties - PDF Security and make sure- both require a password and the permissions checkboxes are left unchecked. No passwords anywhere have been set for the document. There are digital signature fields for the document.

In the PDF itself, I go to Protection - More Protection - Document Properties. In the Security tab, Security Method is default set to No Securityu. However, under Document Restrictions Summary it says the following are not allowed:

1. Changing the Document

2. Document Assembly

3. Creation of Template Pages.

And undernearth it says * This PDF form restricts some operations.

I accidentally saved the file as a static PDF and when I went to check the accessibility, it was complaining that security settings were restricting the accessibility. Ultimately, if I can fix the accessibility issues without needing to meddle with the security settings, that's fine with me.


This one is...weird. So, the dynamic pdf is created in Livecycle. I make sure when saving that in Form Properties, Save Options has Generate Accessibility Information (Tages) for Acrobat and Embed Fonts are both checked before saving.

Opening the document in Acrobat, things get...funny. I open the Accessibility tab, and initially everything was greyed out except the Setup Assistant. I went through that and there were no changes. I tried a number of things but nothing worked. I was doing something else and created another page and go back- and TouchUp Reading Order is now no longer greyed out. I have no idea why or what is happening, why I can't even run a accessibility check on the document.

I suspect that this at least partially stems from the automatic security preventing changing the document. But I have no idea how to disable the security on the document. Advice is very welcome!

Edit: So, I decided to try a very basic experiment. I created a single page dynamic pdf and put a checkbox in the middle of it. After saving, I opened it up within Acrobat. Sure enough, the same security settings seem to be present, and the accessibility options are greyed out. Clearly this is systemic, and I have no idea how to alter this.

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