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Hello all, 

We are trying to activate the reverse replication, but we are facing some issues.

When 'On Modification' and 'On Distribute' is active the content is replicated back to author, but deactivating a page, also deletes it from author mode.

When only 'On Distribute' is active, none of the content is replicated back to author. Even our pages with cq:distribute, cq:lastModified and cq:lastModifiedBy.


I checked our log files and I am sure the reverse replication is duplicating the deactivate event and deleting the page from author instance.

I also read the documentation and tutorials: 





Based on the documentation, if I check 'On Distribute' only pages marked with cq:distribute should be used, but this seems to be ignored without 'On Modification'.

And checking 'On Modification' causes the pages to be deleted from author instance when deactivation.

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