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Level 5

java -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xmx1024M -jar cq-author-p4502.jar

Loading quickstart properties: default
Loading quickstart properties: instance
Low-memory action set to fork
Using 32bit VM settings, min.heap=768MB, min permgen=192MB, default fork arguments=[-Xmx768m, -XX:MaxPermSize=192m]
The JVM reports a heap size of 989 MB, meets our expectation of 768 MB +/- 20
The JVM MBean:Perm Gen reports a maximum size of 256 MB, meets our expectation of 192 MB +/- 20
Setting properties from filename '/home/author/cq-author-p4502.jar'
Option '-quickstart.server.port' set to '4502' from filename cq-author-p4502.jar
Verbose option not active, closing stdin and redirecting stdout and stderr
Redirecting stdout to /home/author/crx-quickstart/logs/stdout.log
Redirecting stderr to /home/author/crx-quickstart/logs/stderr.log

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