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I've just set up a publish environment (port 4503), and I've Activated all of my content (/content/...,  /content/dam/...,  /apps/...,  /etc/Designs/...)  The homepage looks great on publish, but if I try and view a child page I get a "No resource found  Cannot serve request to /content/site-name/en/news.html on this server".  If I hit the same URL replacing ".html" with ".json" or ".infinity.json" I get a listing of all the content, and I can login to the /siteadmin on the publish site and see the pages there, so I know the content is there.  But there seems to be a rendering component that is missing.

The logs aren't much help:

GET /content/site-name/en/news.html HTTP/1.1] org.apache.sling.engine.impl.SlingRequestProcessorImpl service: Uncaught SlingException
org.apache.sling.api.resource.ResourceNotFoundException: No resource found


Thanks for your time.

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