What are MetaScopes and how can I find what I need to add?



I have been using this example using `@adobe/jwt-auth` to try and authenticate my external service to invoke my Project Firefly app.

My config is like...


export default {
  credentials: {
    clientId : 'client id',
    technicalAccountId : 'account id',
    orgId : 'org',
    clientSecret : 'secret',
    metaScopes : 'ent_user_sdk', // This comes from the example
    privateKey : '-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n' +
      'My Private Key/n' +
      '-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n',


When I try to auth now I get the error...
The metascopes in the JWT are not a subset of the metascopes in the binding
I'm not actually sure what a metascope is and how I can find which metascopes are valid.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @oliverf82757722 - for JWT token handling, we recommend to use @adobe/aio-lib-ims which is supported by Project Firefly. As a side note, regardless of the JWT library being used, it's important that your action in that case should not be exposed as a web action, which makes it accessible to the public.

W.r.t. meta scopes, you should put them in an array, e.g. `metaScopes : ['ent_user_sdk']`.

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