use aio-lib-state and aio-lib-file in web-src?




Having an app scren, is it possible to use the libraries aio-lib-state or aio-lib-files and access the data? eg. I want to have some "basic logs" save somewhere and display it on an app screen (component). or do I need to write an action fetching the desired data and then display the response?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ursboller , it is possible to use aio-lib-state and aio-lib-files in the UI components in `web-src/`, same as any nodejs code. However it does not have the built-in authentication like in the backend action which leverages the namespace credentials to obtain access tokens to State and Files. You would have to manage the authentication in your code. IMO this is not a secure way of using State and Files libs because there are too many vulnerability risks in the frontend code. The best way would still going through the action with `require-adobe-auth` enabled.

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