split actions or not?




Working on an app with following steps

1) fetch data from external API

2) write data to Adobe Analytics


currently I only have one action that both makes the fetch request and later the push data request. but I think it might be better to have 2 seperate actions, one for the data fetch and the other for the push data. basically passing data to second action (temp storage?) and second actions makes the data push.

this way I might re-use the second action for other data pushes later on - just handing over data and some parameters for the data push and done.


but I could as well write modules that are included in the single actions and re-use those for other actions.


any feedback what is the better approach? having a single "workflow" approach (get data and push) in one action or separate? if separate, any tips how to hand over the data?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Really good answer from @duypnguyen, unfortunatelly as a comment so I can't mark it as answer - Copy comment her to mark as answer:


Good discussions over here. Chaining of action in I/O Runtime (or Openwhisk at its core) is called sequence, which you can read more about here: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/adobeio-runtime/blob/master/reference/sequences_compositions.md#sequenc...

Example of sequence definition in the manifest.yml of a Firefly project:
    actions: 'login, check, redirect'
    web: 'yes'


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