"application error" using whisk alarms




I see a strange error when changing my triggers/rules using whisk alarms/interval. Example: I had a fully running action (interval 5 mins) and wanted to change the interval. after "aio app undeploy" I changed just the "interval" and deployed again, running into issues (see screenshot). then I played around with names of triggers/rules and interval - suddenly running again. There is no obvious spelling mistake in the manifest.yaml so I think there must be another issue. see the list here:


Looking closer at the entries I can see that it tryes to run actions with "nodejs:10" (failing) sometimes changeing to "nodejs:12" (success). in the manifest.yaml the action in question has "runtime: 'nodejs:12'" as parameter, maybe that is the issue? but why does it change to "nodejs:10"? any option to force using only "nodejs:12"?
Here are the ID's of the last 5 entries in case somebody wants to have a closer look: 
success: 3211537210944900915372109449000d
success: b929585cefc74d43a9585cefc72d4336
appError: bd59cc225e43436799cc225e43236714
appError: df38dc8dc7b14e18b8dc8dc7b13e18e1
success: b30e8a7b238f47218e8a7b238f772104
success: 87aa869a058b406faa869a058b406fbc
remark: why are there always 2 entries for each interval? especially confused about the "undefined" entry...

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