Firefly actions - maximal execution time?




I'm in the process to write an action that should download data from Adobe Analytics (API 1.4). the overall action already takes about 30 seconds if I reduce the action to a minimum (will need to run a few times in a row by alarms).


however, I run into timeouts in the beginning when the action took longer than about 60 seconds. my questions are:

- what's the exact limit for the execution time in the UI?

- what's the limit for the execution time if the action is running headless (triggered by alarms)?

- any option to increase those execution times?


thanks for your support!

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Hi @ursboller , the default timeout of an action is one minute as you observed. As you are running an async invocation, you can increase it to max 30 minutes.

To do it, specify the desired timeout in your manifest file, as below:

    function: actions/generic/index.js
    runtime: 'nodejs:12'
      timeout: 1800000

On the other hand, web (blocking) action max timeout is still one minute.

Reference for the limits: