debug actions after "aio app deploy"




I gave an issue somewhere in my action after "aio app deploy". the action is working fine on local "aio app run", but not in deploy.


any chance I can see the debug of the action somewhere when app is deployed?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ursboller, actions are essentially invoked in the same manner after you do `aio app run` and `aio app deploy`. Only difference is that if you change something in the code and save while in run mode, it automatically re-deploys the action.

Coming to your question about debugging, the logs should be the same whether you run or deploy the action. Some useful commands for debugging:

  • `aio app logs`: show the logs of the most recently invoked action
  • `aio runtime activation list`: list 20 latest invocations
  • `aio runtime activation get ID`: get detailed info about the invocation. ID is obtained from the list above
  • `aio runtime activation logs ID`: get the logs of an invocation

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