Cannot Run Analytics Action



On the template app, whenever I try to run the Analytics action, I get the following message:


status: 400 and message: {
  "code": "AH4p47opZVVoqb9YnkuypHKQNtChpCyk",
  "error": "Request defines parameters that are not allowed (e.g., reserved properties)."


I looked at other posts about similar issues, and they all mentioned to update the npm react-spectrum to 3.0.1. Like in this post. I checked my package.json and found this line:


 "@adobe/react-spectrum": "^3.0.1"


But in any case, I deleted the node modules folder, removed the package-lock file, and then did an npm install.


But to no avail. Any ideas on this?


Also, what is the company id: is it xxxxx@AdobeOrg or the "x-proxy-company" parameter we use in the API calls.

I have also updated the .env file with both types of values but it still didn't work.


Thanks for reading.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi - the error you got "Request defines parameters that are not allowed (e.g., reserved properties)." is due to the fact that you may have set some params in the "inputs" list in your manifest.yml, and you provided the same param in your request to the web action.

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Answers (1)



Hi @rbrowne_jcp1 
I think this is an error with the Analytics API which is expecting a company id (which looks something like `adobe`). You could follow the Analytics API documentation or contact your system admin to figure out the value for your company.!AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis/master/o...

Hope this helps,