Cannot initiate login: says Company or School Account not supported





I recently received my Project Firefly access, did the Console I/O integration and setup the npm libs.


But when I try to run "aio login", open the access page, and try to login in it tells me that my account is not supported - it tells me "Company or school accounts are not supported. continue with a personal account."


My account is linked to my org with a federated login backed by okta.


I really fail to see the point of the personal account, because in that case I wouldn't have access to the data I need. Any ideas? 




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @rbrowne_jcp1 , the issue has been fixed and deployed. Please make sure you have the latest AIO CLI (uninstall and re-install it with `npm install -g @adobe/aio-cli`).

Then, `aio login` with your company account should be working now.

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