breaking changes after "upgrade" - problems with "run --local"?




I just realized a strange behaviour - let's assume the problem is sitting in front of the desktop ...

nevertheless, maybe someone else has the same issue. What happened? I just upgraded npm packages and aio to latest versions and tried the "aio app run --local" as usual. What I see looks as if there is some deployment similar to "aio app deploy" for some of the files, especially the "manifest.yml". not only takes it a lot longer to build my local files, it also looks quite different than before. did something change in the build process?

But the most confusing part: I had an app up and running in the same environment (I used "aio app deploy" before) with a schedule to run every hour. after the uprade the hourly scheduled stopped working ... I checked the "aio runtime activation list" without seeing any error. I assume that the last "aio app run -- local" uploaded the manifest.yml and stopped the trigger ...

happy to provide more information and get response if somebody has similar issues...

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @ursboller 

Could you provide a bit more information to help us debug? How can we try to reproduce this?




here are the updates I made on npm packages:


"aio version" => "@adobe/aio-cli/3.7.0 win32-x64 node-v12.16.2"


I made another test and I think this is how you can deproduce the problem:

1) create an app with a trigger, eg. "alarms/interval" set to 5 min

2) run "aio app deploy" and check with "aio rt trigger list" that the trigger has been set

3) remove the trigger from "manifest.yml" (since it does not work on local dev)

4) run "aio app run --local" and check again the "aio rt trigger list" => the trigger on runtime has been removed


tell me what you need and I'll send you screenshots.... if you habe any commands that provide useful information, let me know

what is really strange: I made another test as written in my steps - no more error. so if this can't be reproduced, I must have made an error somewhere else ...
@ursboller - next time when you see something suspicious, you could try running the command with `--verbose`, which reveals some more details how things progress behind the scene.

@duypnguyenthanks a lot for the hint! I finally found out what was made me think something has broken: the console entries for 'aio app run --local' have changed (they look now very simialar to aio app deploy). using the --verbose shows some of the old console entries (and a lot more). Here are just some of the entries now hidden in --verbose:


The main problem I see in 'aio app run --local' (without --verbose) is he fact that it takes a long time until the first entry appears. It would be great if you could add a short message like 'starting local environment ...' at the beginning just to show that it started ...

however, I will close this question since I think everything works fine it was just me making false assumtions. thanks for the support

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