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I've been following the instructions to initialize a hello world Firefly app using the Adobe I/O CLI and running into a problem.


I believe the app initialization is failing when trying to install the npm packages.

The result is that the npm packages are not installed and so it's not possible to run the app locally.


Following the instructions on Github I encounter the problem at section 4.1 step 6.

It cannot find the package `@react-types/typography` on the npm registry.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 18.52.00.png

 It shows a bunch of errors and then says `App initialization finished!` but when I check the folder, there is no `node_modules` folder created.


Then I try to run `aio app run` and it fails with the following error:

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 18.57.01.png

 You can see that it failed to find the package `@adobe/aio-sdk` which is in the list of dependencies in package.json and hasn't been installed.


Installing it manually throws errors saying it can't find other packages like 

`cloudevents-sdk` and `uuid` which are also on the list of dependencies.
Running `npm install` on it's own throws the error with `@react-types/typography again` and aborts the install.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Ok, engineering patched the issue up.  Please update Adobe I/O CLI to the latest and try to do init again.  Let us know if this does not fix the issue for you. 

npm i -g @adobe/aio-cli


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