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We were playing with the IO Runtime before the Firefly enabled for our Organization.

We are using .wskprops for the IO Runtime config.


Now while using the Firefly, we can see some strange things.

If we use the 'wsk list' or 'aio runtime list', we can see couple of actions, packages, etc...

But, in the actions list, we were not able to find the actions which created for firefly application.

Are these (IO Runtime and Firefly) actions in different namespaces ?

If yes, how can I get the logs, activation list (empty response) for the firefly actions?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @eldhov19157560 - the two CLI wsk and aio use two different sources of truth for namespace credentials.

  • wsk relies on the .wskprops file in your home folder
  • aio relies on the .env file in your project folder.

Please make sure that those files have the correct credentials set up for your namespace.

More details at:

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