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How to use Object Copy API to export to a file?


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I've a question regarding Object Copy API 

I understand that with /exim/snapshots/copy I can copy objects from one sandbox to another. This works fine.

But how can I "dump" an object to a local JSON file? I tried with /exim/snapshots/export but I only get some "correlationId". How can I download my stuff (e.g. a Journey in JSON format) based on this "correlationId"?


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@maggod ,

The "correlationId" you receive when making a request to the /exim/snapshots/export endpoint is a unique identifier for the export job that you initiated. This identifier can be used to check the status of the export job and download the exported data.

You can make a GET request to the /exim/snapshots/export/{correlationId} endpoint, where {correlationId} is the unique identifier for your export job.

If the export job has completed successfully, you can download the exported data by making a GET request to the /exim/snapshots/export/{correlationId}/download endpoint.

This will return the exported data in a JSON format that you can save to a local file.



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Thank you @akshaaga 


I tried, but it doesn't work ...


Step 1: Export - OK


Step 2: check status (I'm using a different URL, not yours) OK



Step 3: download. FAIL. 404


Any idea what I miss here?