Exclude 0.01% of Visitors without the use of hard coded dates.




Having worked with others in the Adobe Analytics team globally, there seems no way to use one segment, no-matter the date to exclude the top 0.01% of customers based on spend, a date needs to be set in a segment which requires manual changing every week.

You can build and use a segment excluding top 0.01% visitors every week if you hard code the date, however, that segment will need changed the next again week as well as the WorkSpace report dates in order to see the next weeks 0.01% of users again.

My segment is based on spend: I want to exclude visitors who spend more that xx amount per week and then report on these users as well as report on the 99.9% of other users on the flip side.It would fantastic to have an easy way to do this in WorkSpace on a rolling date range.