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Tracking Form (submit) with Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to tracking this form https://secure-www.seat.com/content/lu/brand/fr/contact/arrange-a-test-drive.htx with Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)of Adobe.

I've create a Rule Based Event like this:

[img]Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 20.53.09.png[/img]

The same rule, with my personal page form is successful: http://pujoljulia.com/ (!Hablémos! link). As you can see I used "form" Tag selector (because this is used in both pages), but also I tried others like button, div... and rule doesn't trigger ever.

However, in both pages the Click Map listener recognized event. Honestly I try all options and I can't see why. Can someone help me?

Many thanks in advance,


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In the criteria section you have both http & https selcted.  If you want both of these options to be valid, then you need to remove them both.  Having them both selected might be the issue here as multiple conditions are treated as an "AND" statement.  They can not both be true and this could cause issues.




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Hi Rudi,

Many thanks, casually rule was triggered, but I imagine is best do how you said. I solved my error when I was put DTM tag on exactly the same page on event "onsubmit" is triggered, when I put this on CQ5 template, DTM can't recognise it,