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How do I check if synchronous tags have been deployed correctly?


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I have set up sequential javascript tags in the admin.

If I approve and test on staging, I see the following code prior to the tag:

_satellite.pushAsyncScript(function(event, target, $variables)

Does this mean that my script is not synchronous?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Jodie,

I'm not sure about this but let me dig up some info to see if i can find an answer.

Could you let me know if  this is affecting your data collection?

Also, I suppose you could check if the iframe is loading when you run your script to detect whether the tag is synchronous or not.



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Thanks Rahul.

I haven't deployed the tag outside of the staging environment as wasn't confident enough so can't test the data collection.

The script doesn't have an iframe.

Please see below for the code entered into DTM 


and the code displayed via the link

_satellite.pushAsyncScript(function(event, target, $variables){ src="//www.exampledomain.com/ContainerJavaScript.ashx?id=01234" });

Thanks in advance,