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DTM rule dependency on another rule


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I have a marketing rule in DTM (Rule A), that uses variables from a different rule (Rule B)

How can I adjust timings, so that Rule A fires after rule B.


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Hi Mayank,

Sorry for the delay here. I must have missed your question initially.

When you say you have a marketing rule, are these event based rules or page load rules? Can you also give a bit more information about how Rule A uses information from Rule B? Does rule A set a cookie, a data element, custom JavaScript variable, or some other means?

Based on the information given, you cloud change rule A to a direct call rule that is called by the custom code section of rule B. That way, rule A would only fire when rule B fires. There may be other ways of accomplishing this, but I would like to understand your use case better before suggesting anything further.





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Hi Mayank,

If I was you, I would implement rule A as a direct call rule, and then have Rule B to trigger rule A, then you are sure of the order...