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DTM - Launching Google Remarketing script without changing url


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We have a shopping funnel with different steps (1-4). We would like to launch Google remarketing script on every step. The problem is, if I have understood correctly, that you can launch the script only if url changes? Although, if we were using Google Analytics then we could integrate it to Google Adwords and make custom code/event to every step and that way we could get it to work. But we are not using Google Analytics (and not want to), because our main analytics tool is Adobe Analytics aka SiteCatalyst.

I would appreciate any comments around this topic, but what I’m really trying to ask is:

We can implement Adobe Dynamic Tag Management and would that made it possible to launch the remarketing script without the need for whole page loading / url changing? We are going to implement SiteCatalyst codes (custom link events or something) to every step and could that be helpful in any way for launching also the remarketing script? Or is the only way to use Google Analytics with custom events?

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I got a tip from twitter: "event based rule with the on click on the button. Then put the script in the 3rd party section."
I'll have to investigate this tip more and let's see if that helps or not. 

Feel free to comment more tips or anything related to this.

And just be clear, I want to point out that of course we can trigger any custom javascript codes with button clicks etc. My only concern is the Google Adwords remarketing tool and it's settings. Without Google Analytics the only way Google Adwords recognize the "hit" if url address changes on the site. So can we make the script that way that it send the "virtual" url address hit to Google Adwords.... of course I have tried to ask this from Google's forums too but the answer has usually been that use Google Analytics (integration) but we don't want to. =)

Of course I just need to test it and not to ask on forums about this. Hopefully I have time to test it in the near future... but wanted anyway ask about this if anyone has any comments.