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DTM: [Bug/Inconvenience] Copying rules under multiple GA Accounts between web properties


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  1. Add 2 Google Analytics tools on 1 web property (Property A)
  2. Create an event-based rule
  3. Select "Choose Tools" under the Google Analytics section
  4. Choose 1 tool (probably works with 2 selected)
  5. Save the rule
  6. Open a different web property (Property B)
  7. Add any number of Google Analytics tools on that property
  8. Go back to Property A
  9. Copy the event-based rule you created to Property B

The rule no longer fires to an account. When copying rules within a single web property it makes sense to leave the "Choose Tools" option as-is because it's using the same set of tools. However, copying rules to a different web property should default to "All Tools" instead of defaulting to NO tools. I just copied close to 60 rules over between accounts and have to go through each one selecting the "All Tools" option. It sucks.

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Level 8

Hi Jim,

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the feedback. If you like you can post this idea here 

Kind Regards