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6/17/2016 DTM Release Notes: New Feature AEM ContextHub Tool


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6/17/2016 Release Notes are available here: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/dtm/whatsnew.html. A new feature has been added called the Adobe Experience Manager ContextHub Tool.

Use the AEM ContextHub tool to integrate Dynamic Tag Management with the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) ContextHub (AEM's version of the data layer). You can also use this tool to integrate DTM with any data layer, even for websites that do not use AEM. There is a great post on 33 Sticks blog about this new feature.

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I finally had some time to test the latest feature released in DTM which looked like a fantastic upgrade at first for users who arent making use of AEM.
My only issue and hence the reason why i will never use or even recommend it is that you literally need to spend a LOT of time redoing the data schema in the code editor. That can be very simple for a small website and data layer but a nightmare when you deal with a much bigger data source (even for flat structure object).

I would therefore still take on the pain of creating my data element by adding my full path,i.e. myDataLayer.pageName.

It would be great for a setting to just tell DTM that your data source is coming from 'myDataLayer' variable making data elements creation much simpler, i.e. instead of having myDataLayer.pageName i would have pageName