where to download "DTMsite2016.zip" practice web pages?



Hi everyone,

I finished this lesson, it mentioned there's a DTMsite2016.zip  (DTM practice web pages) file for downloading. But I didn't find the link in the course page.

Core Services: Activation: Basic Principles of Dynamic Tag Management-DTM 

Core Services: Activation: Dynamic Tag Management Basics-Initial Setup > Web properties and Embed Code

Does anyone know where to download this file?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Han,

It looks like you're looking for a resource that should have been included in a Saba class. I'd recommend opening a Learning Help Ticket using the "support" link at the bottom of the page you linked in your question. Since the learning platform is a self-contained service, I don't have access to any of the demo files they provide.


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