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I'm tagging a site that's almost entirely built on a single html page. So as they move through the site, I need to trigger s.t() calls based either on what they click on, or what elements become visible. 

I'm trying the 2nd route, firing a call when certain elements enter the Viewport. Hopefully that is the right approach--would a non-visible element within the viewport fire something off in DTM? If so, then I'm going about this the wrong way. But I must be doing something wrong regardless, because nothing's firing for me. 

Here's my rule: 

- Event-based Rule with these Conditions: 

-->Event Type: enters viewport (immediately)

--> Tag: <div>

--> "manually assign properties & attributes" checked

--> id = bookingSteps

And that ties to an s.t() call in Adobe Analytics. Any ideas why that wouldn't work?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, non-visible elements in DTM still trigger "enters viewport", as we don't look to see if something's visible. You can use CSS selectors to help narrow the focus of what the engine matches against though.  See my earlier reply for details.


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