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Hi there,

I want to save a cookie as a data element in DTM and then use this to create a parameter in Target which can be used to create a simple audience of visitors that have the cookie and visitors that don't.

I've done the easy part and created the data element, but I don't know what to do next.

We have a huge direct call rule that seems to be creating all our custom Target parameters (?) and most of the rules take the format as below. Would this work?

if (_satellite.getVar("customCookie") != "") {

    mboxrequestparams.push('"user.productName.customCookie=' + _satellite.getVar("customCookie") + '"');

    mboxparams["user.productName.customCookie"] = _satellite.getVar("customCookie");


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Hey Philipk,

For sending data to Target we use the targetPageParamsAll() function inside the Adobe Target Tool > Library management > custom code

function targetPageParams() {

/*this function define will add those parameters in mbox request*/

return {

"cookieName": cookieValue,



Documentation Link: Methods



Hi Vijaya,

Many thanks for this. When I want to reference these in audience rules in Target would they still be accessible using mbox.param and the name I send through in the function above e.g. mbox.param("cookieName")?

As a side note, I realised that in my initial code snippet that was a bunch of custom code written by our integrator (I thought they were common Target methods).

What I did in the end was add the cookie and the related data element to the global mbox parameters in the Target tool configuration in DTM.