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Does URL get captured as an Out Of The Box dimension when I populate the URL field in DTM Global Variables? If yes, do you know what the OOTB dimension name is as I can't find anything.

Also, I was reading this page stumbled upon and realized I could use the OOTB server dimension for my current "domain" dimension I created: server  . However, Does the OOTB dimensions work as an evar, prop or both? What are the downsides versus using custom evars / prop dimensions?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




URL is kind of a weird one. In Adobe Analytics, it's only available in Data Warehouse. Outside of that, it's not available. Because of this, almost every organization uses an eVar that's dedicated to page URL.

When I implement Analytics, I'll almost always use eVar1 as page URL. My typical implementation for it is to set eVar1 in the global variables section to:


That removes duplicates to different protocols as well as query strings, resulting in a lot less cardinality for the variable. You could also use a second eVar that includes protocol and query strings if they're valuable in your organization.

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