Uncaught TypeError : $leadForm.validate is not a function



Hi all,

I am trying to implement third party pixel implementation where I have created a page based rule with 

a) Condition on URL path (for specific URL's , I have to track)

b) Third Party JScript Sequential HTML script.

During testing, I observed that I am getting an error "Uncaught TypeError: $leadForm.validate is not a function" and "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string"

Could you please provide some background as to why/ in which scenarios do we get such kind of errors?And what is the solution for the same?

For your reference , account name is Pitney bowes 

Web Property : PB - UK

Rule name : 

Third Party | UK CIM SCV | Lead conversion

Awaiting response 🙂

Thanks ,


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Jewel,

I don't recognize that error. Are you sure that error isn't coming from the third-party script you're deploying? It looks like you are deploying a script with the rule. Have you tried using sequential javascript instead?

I'd suggest we try the following:

  1. Remove the script from the rule by cutting and pasting into a text doc 
  2. Save the rule (no need to approve or publish)
  3. Load your staging environment to see if the error persists
  4. If the error is gone, we know the error is a result of either the script itself or the deployment of the script

I'll wait to hear back on the results of this test.