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I'm fairly new to DTM, and believe I'm close to figuring out how to add an event to track clicks for a section on a page.  I'm trying to track clicks in the "Featured Panduit Products" section of 

I created a "Featured Product Clicks" dimension (Event Based Rule), however the name of the event seems like it defaulted to the name "Error Page Message".

Also, should this be created as a Metric instead of a Dimension?

My original post can be found here:  DTM Tagging

I followed the directions provided by the response, but still cannot tag this section of the page.


Any advice would be appreciated



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I'm not sure I understand your question. You say you created a "Featured Products Clicks" dimension (Event Based Rule). A dimension is used in Analytics and and Event Base Rule is part of DTM.

If you are trying to track click in DTM you would create a event based rule in DTM with the event type of click. You can then sent conditions within the rule to limit the rule to fire on certain pages, elements, ect.. Once you've narrowed down the rule to only fire in the instances you prefer, you can choose what variables to capture and send into your Analytics instance.

Depending on how you'd like to report on that information will depend if you send the variable as a prop or and eVar. Some customers send the same data in both props and eVars for ultimate flexibility.

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Jantzen.Belliston I got your answer, can you please clarify this "Some customers send the same data in both props and eVars for ultimate flexibility". In which situation we can use the same data in both props and evars.


s.eVar51 = %customerid%

s.prop51 = %customerid%




Hi Robert,

Was Alyson from Search Discovery able to help you solve this?  She said that she had helped walk you through some Adobe Analytics report suite/variable settings.  If this is resolved, can you mark it as answered?