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Couldn't really find a satisfactory answer to this anywhere. I'm working to track a web game that we hosting on our site. The issue that I've run into is in tracking events that are generated once game play starts. This is being done through a element, there's nothing hardcoded onto the document or window aside from the typical. I've tried implementing a direct call rule through applying a custom event [(trackGameAction(“insidiouslastkey_game", “play_again”)], but the call isn't appearing on the DOM so DTM is unable to see it. Does anyone have a workaround? DI'm kinda lost as to what I'm able to do here.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Leo,

Direct Call Rule should work here as it isn't dependent on DOM rather it is specifically available to be used for those objects which are not part of DOM. Can you debug the site and check if the rule is firing at all? If not, please ensure the event being referred to and the DTM configuration are correctly set including configuration, timing etc.

Let me know.

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Answers (2)


Community Manager


Yes, Launch can use direct call rules just like DTM.

Launch has a few more options for things like SPA frameworks, so you might want to see if there is a built in condition that might accomplish what you're looking for. I can't guarantee that there will be a built in condition since this is somewhat of a unique case.