The s.products string and purchase event issues



Do the "s.products" and "purchase event" have to fire on the same page in oder to capture order information in Adobe Analytics. I recently did a commerce implementation in DTM and I use a data layer to capture the product name, quantity and price. I capture the s.products information from the data layer on the order start and order review page. The product information is not passed to the order confirmation page where I have the "purchase" success event. Right now I am not capturing the revenue or order quantity in Adobe Analytics. DO I need to move my "purchase" event to the order review page or should I have the "s.products" data moved to the order confirmation page? The only issue is with that is an order can be cancelled on that page. I am at a loss as to why I am not capturing the revenue and quantities.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, you need to have the product string (s.products) and the purchase event on the same page. 

Placement would depend on your eCommerce solution. 

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