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we have a shop under two domains:

1. mydomain.de

2. owndomain.com/de

3. owndomain.com/pl

The code is the same. Only language and currency between number 2 and 3 is different. Now I ask myself I the best way is to set up three properties (each for one domain) or one property with all three domains (respectively only with owndomain.com because I couldn´t enter the domains owndomain.com/de and owndomain.com/pl in one property). (btw.: we also want to integrate google analytics with dtm; here we have three properties (each for one domain)). Perhaps it is a little bit tricky but I hope anybody has a good solution. Thanks, Ben

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Accepted Solutions (1)




DTM is actually flexible enough for you to go either route.

If I was in charge of the implementation, and all sites had the same variable setup, I'd use a single property going to a single report suite, then use virtual report suites in Analytics.

You can use rules to send data to each respective Google Analytics container.

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