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I use FTAX for my online tax returns and everything has been great up until this year when ftax decided to introduce SOAP technology  (Simple Object Access Protocol)

The tax return is in the form of an intelegent pdf which communicates back to FTAX in order to check the credits available in order to produce the tax return.

This is failing on my pc with the error "typeError SOAPservice is undefined" putting it simply something is stopping the pdf from talking to the website at FTAX - this is at a log in field on the pdf.

I've tried all the versions of acrobat reader I can find - 9 10 and 11

I've tried the virus software - disabling it

I've tried the firewall - opening it up

Nothing sorts it

So how do I find out whats going on? Ftax support just keeps refering me to their website FAQs and I've done all that.

Any help appreciated


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Steve,

I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue with the PDF document. This forum is dedicated to Adobe's Experience Cloud, specifically the Activation core service. Since the question is around the use of PDFs, I'd suggest reposting your question on our Adobe Reader forums using the link below. That way, your question will be seen by experts within that product set.


Best of luck,


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