_satallite is not defined



I am trying to  implement Adobe analytics in AEM  Geometrixx sites using DTM. I have followed all the necessary steps to implement adobe analytics in AEM Geometrixx site as referred in this  link(excluding target configuration). I  have done this steps before few days , at that time it was working fine. Now it shows me the error as _satallite is not defined  on the applied page of Geometrixx. I had  tried the staging header and footer  code  and still it’s not working so I have tried  production header and footer code  as recommended to be placed  in head and  body of page .

Thank you.

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This error means the DTM library (header tag) is not present at the time the browser executes the footer tag (_satellite.pageBottom).

Possible reasons:

  • The header script tag is not output at all
  • Async and/or deferred attributes were added to the header tag so the DTM library which may cause timing issues between it loading vs. the footer code
  • The header script was changed to be dynamically output (e.g. with createElement/appendChild methods), which may also cause timing issues
  • Possible you have other code on the page overwriting _satellite object. This seems unlikely, but I have seen this happen before, with clients who attempt to make a dummy _satellite object as a placeholder or level of error prevention (but didn't quite code it correctly!)

(Sidenote: If you did either 2nd or 3rd point, this is an unsupported DTM implementation).

Not sure what else can be said here without further details / access to the site.



Actually  in geometrixx website the property is applied in author mode but if I see the site in view as published mode then it shows me the error as _satallite is not defined. And I applied the same property to geometrixx media site. In the geometrixx media site this property is successfully applied in both "author mode as well as in preview mode".

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And in Published mode:

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Please help me with this issue. Thank you