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Is it possible to run two different DTM codes within a single page? My company has franchise owners. We are running the corporate DTM code on a franchise website. The franchisee uses an ad agency to manage the franchise website. That agency also uses Adobe for analytics tracking. It was asked if adding their DTM code to the franchise microsite would pose any issues if the site already had code running.

If this can be done, would I need one or two instances of the satellite page bottom code?

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Hi -

Adobe states in their Frequently Asked Questions​​​ to only have one embed code on a page (see yellow highlighting in the screen shot at the bottom of this post).

And in this PDF - - on page 35 there is this --> "Note: Although you can use more than one hosting option, you must ensure that only a single embed code reference is included on any given page. Duplicative or improper placement of the embed code can result in unexpected library behavior."

There are different levels of access with DTM (Create and Manage Groups in DTM ). Maybe the agency could be given User rights to the already implemented DTM so they could do the legwork (i.e set-up the analytics via DTM, create rules to inject pixels, etc. ). Then, the corporate owner of DTM could approve and publish the changes for them (if you need that division of power).


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Sarah is correct, two instances of DTM on a single site is not supported. You can deploy multiple Analytics tools, or multiple report suites within your Analytics implementation but multiple instances of DTM would not be supported.