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I'm trying to create classifications for "Percent Page Viewed" as recommended by Omniture, so that I can see percents in series of 10. So, if a user scrolled to 92% of the page, I can classify that as 100% page scroll.

I have all the implementation completed, but when I try to group them in SAINT, I can't seem to get the Regular Expressions correctly: 

I'm using a range like this: 

[91-100] =100%

[81-90] = 90% and so on. 

Any help would be huge. Thank you! 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi ,

To group the percentages in SAINT , Please use the Regular expression below for classifications.

EX- For Range from 91 to 100 , Use the Regular expression as ^(9[1-9]|100)$ .The regular expression matches the no's from 91 to 100.

Similarly for other range i.e. 81-90. Use the Regular expression as ^(8[1-9]|90)$ . The regular expression matches the no's from 81 to 99.

Please see the following for more information about Regular Expression for classification rules.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal